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We are kindly asking that ALL STUDENTS who are registered for the meal plan - in April bring their red cards to the cafeteria where we will label them. Later in May 2024 they will need to show their meal card every time before having lunch.

This is only important for grades 5 and up. 

The lower grades cards we keep in the cafeteria. 

Thank you very much for your understanding. 



  1. Kindly use your meal card and ensure you have reloaded it prior to purchasing.

  2. PLEASE keep track that student meal card has sufficient funds on it. From March 1st, 2024 unfortunately, if there is NSF on it or the card is forgotten, student will not be served. 

THANK YOU for your understanding. 

*  For more information about Meal Cards, please read our Meal Card page.

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For any questions about the AvH meal plans, please email us at

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