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Breakfast Menu

Breakfast items are now available for purchase in our cafeteria. Kindly use your meal card and ensure you have reloaded it prior to purchasing.


Every FRIDAY fresh Berliners in the cafeteria. Fresh sourdough brioche with home-made real apricot jam. 

( Parents can also order more for home in advance and we will nicely pack them in a box for easier transportation). 

From January 2024 further PLEASE keep track that meal card has sufficient funds on it. From now on we will just tolerate only once card being forgotten or not having enough funds on it - the second time unfortunately we will not be able to give breakfast anymore.

Thank you for your understanding. 

Muffin.... 2

Oatmeal Cookie.... 2

Chocolate Cookie....2

Sandwich (of the day)....4

Zucchini Bread (Slice)....1.50

Banana Bread....1.50

Cinnamon Roll....3

Berliner Donut....3


Smoothie (of the day)....3

Milk or Chocolate Milk (glass)....1

Apple Juice (glass)....1

Yoghurt - Plain (glass)....1

Yoghurt - Vanilla (glass)....1

Cheese Bourek....3

Meat Bourek....3

Pancake with spread - $3

Half Pancake with spread - $1.50

Fresh Vegetables

Organic. Local. Seasonal.

At Boulangerie Mira, we specialize in sourdough breads using only organic flour. All our baked goods are made with love from our bakery in Vaudreuil-Dorion. With our savoury offerings, we prioritize sourcing produce from local farmers and vendors while highlighting seasonal ingredients.

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