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  • What is the Meal Card?
    The Meal Card enables a student/staff to get a meal from the AVH cafeteria. Meals can include lunch, breakfast snacks and drinks. These meal cards are "prepaid" meaning you need to load them online or be registered to the Annual Meal Plan prior to using them.
  • Why do we need to use a Meal Card?
    Using Meal Cards enable us to operate in a cashless way. This way the lines are faster and the students have more time to enjoy their meals vs standing in long queues.
  • Who can use a Meal Card?
    The Meal Cards are available for Grades 1 to 12 students and staff. (Meals are already provided for Kindergarten and Eingangsstuffe students.)
  • What are the types of Meal Cards and what can you do with them?
    There are two (2) types of Meal Cards: Red and Blue ​ Red Cards: ✅ enable you to claim one (1) lunch meal per day ✅ can be loaded with cash (online) for breakfast/snack items ✅ provided for those who are enrolled in the Annual Meal Plan ​ Blue Cards: ✅ can be loaded with cash (online) for breakfast/snack items 🚫 cannot be used to claim lunch meals
  • How do I get a Meal Card?
    For Red Cards (Annual Meal Plan, lunch meal included), registration and payment is required through Boulangerie Mira. See Registration Information page for more details. ​ For Blue Cards (for breakfast items/snacks and drinks), please proceed to the AvH Administration Office to claim one. Fee per Blue Card is CAD 2.
  • I've received my child's Meal Card. Do I need to activate it? How do I activate it?
    Both Red and Blue Cards need to be activated prior to using it. Upon activation, you will be able to do the following: ​ ✅ associate your child's name to the card ✅ consult the balance of the meal card ✅ load / reload the card ✅ view transaction history ✅ edit profile ​ Please follow this step-by-step guide on How to Register and Activate your Meal Card.
  • How do I load cash into my child's Meal Card?
    Both Red and Blue Meal Cards can be loaded with cash. ​ Please follow this step-by-step guide on How to Load your Meal Card. For those who are enrolled in the Annual Meal Plan, you may load/reload the Meal Cards online through your account if you wish for your child to purchase breakfast/snacks on morning breaks as these are not included in the Annual Meal Plan by default.
  • My child left the card at home / in his/her classroom! Will he still be able to get his lunch meal?
    For Red Card holders (enrolled in the Annual Meal Plan), if your child has left the card at home or in their classroom, no need to panic. Our staff also has an on-site list of names registered to the meal plan and we'll be sure to provide a meal despite the situation.
  • We lost the Meal Card. How can we get a new one?
    Please email us immediately at so we can deactivate your card and issue you a new one. Balances on your lost card cannot be reimbursed. ​ A replacement fee of CAD 7 is needed to acquire a new card.
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